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I often get asked "Do you do Macs?". Yes I do, they are just another computer at the end of the day. What I won't do, unlike some, is double my prices just because it's a Mac, I treat them just the same and in some cases they're actually cheaper to repair than PCs (not many though, the parts are very expensive!). I can help with the following scenarios and more...

Running Out Of Space

Do you suffer from the problem where your iPhone or iPad is running out of space because your iCloud photo storage is full up, bulging at the seams from the photos or music on your home Mac? I can help with managing your space and clearing down your iCloud so that your iPhone or iPad can breathe again!

Slow Performance

If your Mac / Macbook is just running slow, it might be time for a tune up. I can help with taming login auto-start apps, checking disk health, memory errors and making sure your Mac is running at optimum performance. A really good way to speed up an old Mac is by upgrading your hard disk to an SSD drive, which is just like a big memory stick, much faster than a traditional spinning hard drive. This is a relatively cheap upgrade and quick to do.

Icons at Power On

Are you seeing a spinning globe, line of disk icons, or even the dreaded folder question mark of doooom when you switch on your Mac? Something is probably wrong with your hard disk but don't despair, most of the time your data can be retrieved and your Mac repaired easily.

Broken Displays

Apple do tend to choose the best quality parts and their displays definitely fall into this category. Unfortunately a lot of Apple screens come as entire units and it's not possible to replace the lcd panel on it's own. If so, I will make sure the part is sourced at the best price and fitted at reasonable labour rates, much cheaper than a Genius Bar repair.

Excessive Fan Noise

If your fan seems like it's always on and your Mac is running hot, then the exhaust vents that normally let the heat out are probably blocked with dust and fluff. It's important to keep these clean as too much heat can damage the components inside, graphics chips being a common culprit. Prevent expensive repairs by getting the machine cleaned internally, it's a simple job for me to do and takes less than half an hour for the average Macbook.

Macbook Keyboard

If you have a problem with your keyboard not working, if you're missing a key, perhaps you spilt tea or coffee and it has suffered liquid damage (although this can be quite serious for Macs and often results in logicboard damage), I can help. Macbook keyboards do take ages to change - they have at least 50, some more, of the tiniest screws you have ever seen in your life! Apple quoted one of my customers £350 to replace a keyboard but I did the job for £130, including the part.

Logic board problems

Macbook logic boards (aka motherboards) are delicate things, too much heat or liquid spillage are often their nemesis. If your Macbook is dead to the world, most logic boards can be replaced pretty easily and don't normally take more than an hour, so labour costs are low.

Graphics chip issues

Some Macs come with effectively two graphics chips installed and this has been known to create problems with some software. Apple did have a program to repair these under warranty, but they tend to withdraw it for older models as time goes on. Luckily, chip upgrades can still be performed to solve this problem if you are out of warranty.

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These are just some of things that can go wrong with your Mac or Macbook. If your machine is in need of some technical love and attention, call me on 07984 938 358 or contact via the Contact page. You'll be up and running again in no time.

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