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Backup Solutions and Disaster Recovery

Your data is important. Could you do without it? Imagine losing your business contacts or the accounts you have been entering all year? Total hard disk failures are rare, but they do happen. What would you do if you suffered a burglary and your computers were taken, or a fire which destroyed your equipment? Even on a home computer, it can be devasting just losing your family, wedding or baby photos. All data is important and you should take steps to protect yourself from the worst case scenario.

The golden rule of backup is "Two separate copies in two separate places". To achieve this, there needs to be one backup being made on-site, and one being stored off-site. These two backups can then be rotated at whatever frequency suits you to ensure you have a recent copy to recover from.

With current technology making storage so cheap, it is now easy to have a backup solution that encompasses all your data needs. Using portable hard disks, your backup can be easy to transport and easy to store, which are important considerations too when it comes to recovering from a disaster.

Kypoth will advise on the best solution for you, and can then supply and install any equipment required. Full configuration and instruction on running the backup will also be provided. All that remains is for you to rotate the backup sets to keep your copies up to date.

As well as having a copy of your data, a business should also consider whether they have effective disaster planning. I have in the past developed disaster recovery plans for Investment Banks, where nothing was left to chance. I can help you develop your contingency requirements, from planning the simple actions that get you trading again to a complete business restart policy.

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