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Terms of Service

These are the terms related to using Kypoth's computer services. By contracting Kypoth to undertake computer repair or other services, you accept these terms and conditions.

Booking an appointment

Bookings will be confirmed by Kypoth, proposals received via email or voicemail cannot be relied upon unless confirmed.

We endeavour to attend appointments within a reasonable period of the booked time but sometimes events beyond our control mean that appointments may have to be rescheduled. If we anticipate being significantly late or unable to make an appointment, we will let you know.


If you are unable to keep an appointment, please let us know. Failure to do so may result in a fee being charged to cover lost time.

If you have commissioned website work and wish to cancel after work has started, this is fine, but please let us know as soon as possible. We reserve the right to invoice for any charges incurred (e.g. domain name registrations, hosting, related products and services, etc.) or any partial work completed before cancellation was notified.

Pre-ordering parts

Generally we don't pre-order parts as there are so many combinations of machine and different part numbers used for the same application that it would require a massive warehouse akin to something out of Indiana Jones and the US archives to keep them all. However, if you require a very fast turnaround and can't wait out the part delivery time, then pre-ordering can be arranged. We require you to accurately identify your make and model of machine and also to pay for the part before ordering, and you must also accept in the event that if the part ordered turns out to not be the actual part in your machine, a restocking/return delivery fee will be charged and this will result in the turnaround period being out of our control subject to return and redelivery times.

No Fix, No Fee

In most situations, we operate a no-fix, no-fee policy. This means we will not charge you any money if we do not fix your problem. This does not apply in the following circumstances:

  • If the problem is diagnosed as a hardware fault and you choose not to have it fixed, then the time taken to make the diagnosis will be chargeable.

Data handling and storage

All customer data is treated with the strictest of confidence and will never be shared or divulged to third parties. When customer data is backed up, Kypoth will make a temporary copy which will be deleted when works are complete. This is not a fully secure deletion as the drives used to store the data may contain other customer's data but your data's footprint will be overwritten fairly soon after the work. In the event that the drives being used by Kypoth need replacement or disposal, then they will be securely wiped/destroyed beforehand. If you require an interim fully secure deletion, this can be arranged but will incur a small extra cost.


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