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Having trouble with your laptop or Macbook? Here are some of the things that can go wrong and how I can help.

Broken LCD panel

Perhaps something heavy was put down on the lid or the laptop was dropped. Sometimes opening the lid unevenly can break the LCD. Can you see a black ink under the display? This unfortunately means your screen is cracked, but luckily they are easy and quick to replace, the most expensive cost will be the price of the part.

Faulty power socket

The day wireless power is truly invented will be a good one. Until then, damaging the power plug on your laptop will continue to be common. If you have a broken DC jack or mangled socket and pin, don't worry, these can be repaired. If you're having any problems with your laptop charger, I have testing equipment that can diagnose the problem.

Damaged casing

Again after a drop or a knock, there can be damage to the laptop's plastic casing or hinges. Whilst I can replace any laptop part, when the price of the parts would have been uneconomic I have repaired several laptops that have suffered a bashing by using good old fashioned glue and left-over bits from other laptops. Just recently a customer mentioned to me that a screen hinge mounting surround I had repaired was still going strong over a year later.

Overheating / fan running constantly

Does your laptop fan run all the time, only seem to last 30 minutes or so, then cut out without warning? Perhaps it seems the fan doesn't run at all and the same overheating pattern occurs? If so, then there is something wrong with the cooling system. If the fan doesn't run, it is a cheap part to replace. If the fan runs all the time, it is probably blocked up with dust. To fix this, I can strip down the laptop and give the vents a thorough clean, renewing any thermal grease in the process. Some laptops are notorious for overheating, in which case there are some heatsink modifications that can be recommended.

Keyboard missing keys

Again, it is easy and cheap to replace a keyboard, most vary in price from £20 to £30 and don't normally take more than half an hour to do. The exception to this is Macbooks (49 of the tiniest screws you have ever seen in your life!), but Apple quoted one of my customers £350 to replace. I did the job for him for £130, including the part.

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These are just some of things that can go wrong with your laptop or netbook. If your machine is in need of service and some technical love and attention, call me on 07984 938 358 or contact via the Contact page. You'll be up and running again in no time.

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